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Bank Feeds for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Yavrio serves as your premier solution for seamlessly integrating bank feeds. Through the implementation of cutting-edge Open Banking technology, you can effortlessly establish a direct connection between your Business Bank Accounts and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Our roadmap includes broader compatibility with finance platforms in the near future. Stay tuned for more exciting developments.

step 1

Download from Microsoft AppSource

Download "Yavrio Open Banking" in the Marketplace
Find it on the AppSource Extension Marketplace
No hassle or complications

Begin your journey in your Business Central system, and navigate to the Microsoft AppSource extension Marketplace. There, download the "Yavrio Bank Feeds" app.

step 2

Create your account

Effortless In-System Account Setup
Initiating the Account Process
Swift License Assignment

Within Business Central, search for "Yavrio Setup." This search will guide you through providing essential organization details, culminating in a seamless license assignment.

step 3

Connect your Bank Accounts

Authenticate directly with your bank
Employ bank-grade security measures
Initiate a direct connection with Business Central

Head to your Business Central Bank Accounts, and choose "Bank Statement Service," then "Connect Bank Accounts." This will present you with a selection of banks to pick from, and a convenient link will whisk you away to your bank's website or app for seamless direct authentication.

step 4

Get your transactions

Enjoy unlimited transactions
Access inside Bank Reconciliations
View real-time balances in Business Central

Within Business Central, initiate a search for "Yavrio Setup." This search will guide you through entering essential organization details, culminating in the assignment of your license.

Why choose Yavrio?

Top-Tier Security

Our direct authentication between your bank and system ensures the utmost safety and security for your accounts.

Open Banking employs rigorous, time-tested security protocols to safeguard your data. With Yavrio's Bank Feeds, say goodbye to outdated file sharing methods and embrace the latest, secure data integrations.

Secure Payments
Bank Coverage