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Yavrio means
Bank Feeds
for your
Finance System

Fast. Safe. Yavrio.
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Connect to your Bank Account

Yavrio allows you to connect to any Bank Account from your Finance System

  • Built on Open Banking technology
  • All of your accounts in one place
  • Simple authentication process

Real-time Visibility

Instead of waiting for month-end reporting, get sameday visibility of what's going on across all your business accounts


  • Unlimited transaction volumes
  • Multiple daily transaction pulls
  • Up-to-date financial accounts

Send Payments to Bank

Using Payment functionality  for Open Banking, you can send Payments directly from your Payment Journal to your Vendors via your Bank Account.


  • Send directly from your Payment Journal
  • Get payments out to your Vendors
  • Authenticated with your Bank
key features

Industry-leading Security

By authenticating directly between your bank and system, your accounts will always be safe and secure.

Open Banking uses the most thoroughly-tested security protocols to ensure that your data is kept safe and secure.  With Bank Feeds from Yavrio, you can stop passing files around like it's 2003, and get the latest secure data integrations.

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