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Yavrio Open Banking Help

To use Yavrio Open Banking for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, please follow these steps:


The first thing you need to do is Register to use the application.

In Dynamics 365 Business Central, click the Search Button, and type ‘Yavrio Setup’.

This will bring you to the Registration Page.

Here, you will enter your company details, accept the terms and conditions, and then register the application.

If you have already previously registered an account, you can click ‘Next’

KYC Checks


After registering, your account is required to go through ‘Know Your Client’ (KYC) checks as part of requirements around Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF).


When complete you will receive an email advising that you are ready to use Yavrio Open Banking.


If you try to use the functionality before the checks are complete, you will receive a notification that the account is not yet ready to use.

Connect Bank Account

After you are logged in and your account is activated, you can connect your Bank Accounts.  In Business Central, go to your Bank Accounts List, and select Process > Connect Bank Accounts

Select your Bank Institution

Your Bank Institutions List will appear.

Select the Institution you wish to connect to.  Be aware that some Banks have separate institutions for Personal/Wealth/Corporate/Business, etc., so identify the one that corresponds to your account.



A connection window will appear, giving details on the data being shared, and offering you the ability to open your Bank Account with a Link or a QR Code.  You can simply click the Link or scan the QR Code with your smartphone.

Bank Consent

You will be directed to your Bank Account.  Here you will use your normal Bank Account login credentials to connect.

Once inside, you can select which Account(s) you wish to connect to Business Central via Yavrio Open Banking.

Add Licences

After connecting your Bank Account, you will be prompted as to whether you wish to add another Yavrio Licence.  This is to avoid you being charged incorrectly.


To add the Licence and continue, simply click ‘Accept’ and then the ‘Add Licence’ button.

Identify Bank Account

Now you need to identify which Business Central Bank Account should be connected with your consented online Bank Account.

In the Business Central Bank Account No. field, identify your Bank Account to connect it to.


Yavrio Open Banking will then automatically ensure Account Identifiers such as Sort Code, Account No. and IBAN are up to date on your Bank Account in Business Central using the information from your online account.

Once you have connected your account, click ‘Save’ to continue.

Connected Bank Account

On your Bank Account Card, you can now see that the Account is connected on the ‘Yavrio’ Tab.

Bank Account Reconciliation

Now you can download your transactions for Bank Reconciliation and Payment Reconciliation Journals.

Open a new Bank Account Reconciliation, and click Bank > Get Transactions from Bank

Get Transactions

Set the ‘From Date’ to select the beginning of the date range you will import your transactions from.  These will then import everything from that date up to the latest transactions.

If you want to remove more recent transactions, you can filter and delete these in the reconciliation.

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